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TUJUNGA, CA, - Slot One Entertainment, Inc. and SLOT-1, an independent record label based in the Philadelphia, PA area, announces its latest CD release, EXIT 21, by singer-songwriter Rick Denzien.

EXIT 21, Denzien's third release, offers 13 songs that are an evolution of his trademark brand of cross-over rock and a lyrical style that probes for truth in metphysical metaphors and philosophical retrospect. His combination of lyrical honesty and musical mastery speaks to the sensibilities and ears of both young and musically mature audiences, with an appeal similar to Dave Matthews and Toad the Wet Sprocket - Modern Adult Contempoary.

Joining Denzien to record EXIT 21  were drummer Ronnie Crawford of Lisa Loeb fame (Geffen Records) and bassist Mike Gregos now on tour with The Obie Company and whose credits include A Room With a View (Broadway Records). Denzien's accolades include a Billboard Songwriter Award for the title song of his 1995 release, Laser Writing on the Moon. He is also a capable studio technician with major label credits. (Blood Hound Gang - Geffen Records)

EXIT 21  is now available through the Grammy Award Guide, or can be ordered online by visiting the web page. For information on Slot-1, visit the website: E-Mail: or call 215-643-1313.

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